Airsoft Drone – Part II

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The next obvious addition for an aerial gun platform was an articulate gun mount that could be remotely controller by a second player (the gunner). Using a few servo mounts, screws and a another cheap mini airsoft gun, a mount was fashioned.


The MultiWii code was modified to send gpio signals on the TX2 port on my board which wasn’t otherwise being used. You can see the landing lights code for an example and then check the Arduino pinout diagram for your specific MultiWii board to determine the right constants to use in the code.

This allows us to fire the gun with a two-way switch on our transmitter.

Then the MultiWii code was modified to send camera gimbal controls to the two servos that control the arm. This works a lot like how a camera gimbal works except the center of gravity is a bit different and I used different pins. Again you can use the arduino diagram here (for atmega2560) to determine which pinout constants to use for the pins you are connecting to.

To allow a second pilot to control the gun, the ‘trainer’ mode on the spektrum transmitter is used to tie a second controller to the first and send the gun movement and firing control on 3 seperate channels.

The result is a highly articulate airsoft gun arm mounted to the drone that can be fired either by the gunner or pilot.

Next, I will adjust the center of gravity on the gun for more stable flight and implement a remote viewing system for the gunner.

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  1. base64
    January 8, 2014 at 5:14 am

    Do you need code samples? Let me know and I will post some.

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