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[vc_row 0=””][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=””]Welcome to the SensorInsight Catalog!  Sensorinsight is an authorized distributor of sensor hardware and solution and provides pre-qualifed and integrated solutions through it’s RightSensor hardware team.

This catalog is for registered customers only. You must register and be granted access to view item prices and place orders.  

RightSensor Hardware Solutions are provided through several options:

Direct Hardware Sales and Distribution

  1. You purchase out of the box (OOB) hardware direct from our store for your solution
  2. You configure the hardware based on your solution and platform choices.
  3. You code and configure your solution and work directly with the manufacturer for support or configuration assistance.

RightSensor Certified Pre-Configured Solutions

  1. You purchase a RightSensor Certified hardware solution which is pre-configured to work with the SensorInsight Internet of Things platform.
    • Solutions such as Air Quality, People Counting, etc.. are defined on the web site.
  2. Solutions are pre-configured, tested, and come with installation instructions.

Custom Solution

  1. You purchase custom solutions through the SensorInsight team or with one of our Integation partners such as Element Blue.
  2. We work with you to define a solution, assist with installation and integration of your systems into the SensorInsight Internet of Things Platform.

Site Guidelines

  1. You must be registered to place an order from this site.
  2. Orders are submitted and evaluated by our RightSensor Hardware team to ensure you have choosen hardware components which work together and/or are appropreate for your solution.
    • You may be contacted by our team through phone or email to better understand your solution.
  3. After your order has been verified an invoice will be submitted to you for payment.
  4. Not all components are maintained in regular stock or may need to be customized based on the solution.
    • There can be two to four week delay in shipping your order after payment.
    • Orders are not processed until after full payment.


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